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This 10 Kanal Residence is based in the sprawling Galiyat hills. The colour pallete was kept monochrome from the get go, offset with earthy or wood grain. Charred wood was introduced in the entrance porch, introducing some delicious black. The rest of the finishes were kept natural and warm greys. The house responds completely to the idyllic setting and natural environment through wood, stone and matte black metal.

We went out of our way, bypassing the easy route of faux-wood roofing and went with a structural traditional wood truss roofing over the main lounge, the highlight living space of this residence.

Earthen and nude neutrals were used in the bathrooms, with a throwback to classy terrazzo on the walls and floor.

A central feature wall of local grey stone cuts through all three floors, intersecting multiple spaces and homogenizing and connecting these spaces subtly in the users mind. Skylights and dormer windows were used liberally to let in lots of strategic natural light, as our windows were oriented specifically on the front rear central axis, so no major views are given on the sides. This gives centrestage to the breathtaking views at the front and especially the back of the house downhill.

The major motif running through the entire building is the chevron pattern, interpreted differently in every space but always creating the sense of resonance with the surrounding mountains whose shape originally inspired its use.
The entire house is based on the central spine going front to back and this dictates the circulation in all the floors, right from the entrance to the lounge in the basement.